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 Our Story 

Budda By Yvee started from humble beginnings. Both my husband and son suffer from very dry skin and to make matters worse, the lotions and cremes that they used didn't help moisturize their skin. After doing some research about Shea Butter and the benefits for the skin, it was then I decided to cultivate my own Body Butter.


After various attempts with different recipes of Body Butter, I finally mastered my own recipe for my product now known as BUDDA. My family fell in love with using the Budda and it continues to  heal and moisturize their skin efficiently. After a month of gifting the Budda to family and friends, they also gave great reviews on my Facebook page about how they love the product. This is when Budda By Yvee was born..

I pride myself in using quality natural ingredients and putting my heart and soul in every batch that is made. Also making my customers happy and satisfied is my ULTIMATE goal. My mission is to introduce Budda By Yvee Body Products to all and educate them about healing, nourishing and improving their skin.

Our Motto is: Whatever Soothes the Mind, Body & Soul... DO DAT!!!


Budda By Yvee's Founder & Cultivator

Tonia Y. Kinsey

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