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🎀Breast Cancer Awareness Month🎀

Buddabyyvee would like you to show some support to gift a friend or family member some PINK Body Budda . Most people who have been diagnosed and are taking chemotherapy and radiation treatment and can’t use oils and creams on the skin. Once there treatment is done and the healing process begins to get the body and skin back to its natural looking state, the Body Budda will definitely help with that.

Shea Budda is a protectant and a moisturizer for the skin. Radiation sometimes burn the skin leaving dark marks and uneven skin.

Head over to our website and purchase a 4oz or 8oz jar for you loved one💕💕💕

If your placing and order for the PINK Budda just indicate on your order you want PINK Budda. The Budda comes in all of our best selling scents.

So go and gift some a lil something special to brighten their day!!!

Remember: Whatever soothes The Mind Body and Soul Do Dat!!!

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